Cohaesio is an integrated services firm of consultants focused on leveraging technology to accelerate customer business outcomes across diverse industries. We believe that technology and the related processes it can drive is increasingly relevant in the current and future considerations for commercial and economic output. 

Our maniacal focus on collaboration and partnerships underpins our approach to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Accelerate Growth

Incremental vs Exponential Growth?

At Cohaesio we are more than just IT Data Scientists, we live innovation. Our focus is on engaging the business to help select the right strategy that will ensure growth, while creating sustainable competitive differentiation by looking beyond data intelligence and making it useful and actionable. 


The team typically begins by creating a roadmap for sustainable innovation that identifies key areas of growth that are useful across multiple scenarios. Once the sustainable areas of growth are ascertained, the chaos is removed from the plethora of data sources mined, then the related strategy is translated into tangible, actionable plans that outlines the steps required to move from intentions to successful outcomes.


The fulcrum of our service is to develop a set of actionable plans based on intelligence gleaned from data sources and deliver sustainable solutions to the most pressing needs of clients.

Technology interventions have become commoditised, the competition is increasingly democratic with more companies from start-ups to mature companies increasingly willing to take risks. 

Our team of consultants help our customers see around corners and create market transitions. We remove the shackles in the ideation process of our clients and help in creating products and services that are loved while enabling the right platform for big revenue growth and improved market share. The differentiation of products and services in the market, and creation of customer experiences, competitors find difficult to copy is crucial to our service.

Products & Services Development

Customer Experience Transformation

Developing excellent products and services is fundamental, however it is crucial for business growth to accelerate related customer adoption and ensure repeat purchases or renewals. It is increasingly difficult to match customer expectations around localisation, customisation and responsiveness. This user focused approach requires a “pit stop” lifecycle framework from initial product/service purchase, adoption to renewals. This lifecycle approach is important to staying competitive.

We help our clients inspect their existing customer experience process by auditing their framework, leveraging the lifecycle model and ensuring that relevant data gathered are employed to accelerate capital efficiencies. Useful and actionable data that add strategic value to the business are collated and key milestones in the customer experience lifecycle that make the most strategic impact are developed.

The ability of a company to be an industry leader requires the consistent winning of customer mind share leveraging technology. This is resulting in new innovations and reflected in massive global opportunities.

We believe in the power of technology, if harnessed properly, as an outlet for delivery of valuable experiences and accelerated growth. Without a well thought out strategy, technology can be expensive with very little or no return on investment.

We help companies transform into thought leaders in their industries with a transition to sustainable customer experiences and stories.

Thought Leadership

Brand Recognition & Associations

Historically, companies grow by utilizing existing assets to create innovative offerings. This appears straight forward, but not always easy to deliver. Our team provides the additional perspective for improvements and recognition.

At Cohaesio, we uncover new ways to improve commercial and economic value by utilizing existing assets, creating new propositions and accelerating market development and penetration outcomes. Increasingly we see that, sustaining or disruptive innovation originates with what already exists within companies.

We use intelligent data from multiple sources to develop strengths and adjacent offerings from competencies and offerings that are already in existence.

The ability to predict or create market transitions is a top dilemma for business leaders and this is usually not achieved through incremental changes. What is required is a publicly visible plan or vision, strategic investments and the mobilization of resources towards business transformation.

We partner with our customers to define long term innovation roadmaps that not only identify strategies, but also outline the funnel for innovation growth.

We provide support across many areas to include talent reviews, capabilities assessment, funding sources and business strategies. We also help our clients with the tools required to build a sustainable innovation culture.